Zao Empire
Government Divine Monarchy
 -  Dynasty in Control Zao
 -  Monarch Huang-Di Tian Lei
Establishment 326 XA
 -  Zao Enthroned 1998 

The Wu-Zao Empire is the largest and most powerful Fong state. Much smaller than the Holy Toralum Empire, the Huang Di is far more consolidated than the Holy Toralum Emperor. The Huang Di does not have to delegate power among lords like the Holy Toralum Emperor, and holds a considerable amount of military might that rivals the much larger Holy Toralum Empire. The Wu-Zao Empire constantly shifts between two main dynasties, Wu and Zao, through many civil wars thus giving its name. While the Wu-Zao Empire has the potential to conquer the rest of Fongia, constant civil wars stop it from expanding.