Patriarchate of Vangary
Patriarkhiya Vagarii
(and largest city)
Official language(s) Torlish, Vangar
Ethnic groups  Vangar
Religion Dikalic
Demonym Vangar
Government Elective Theocracy
 -  Patriarch Valek VI
Liege Holy Toralum Empire
 -  First Chapel 1083 
 -  Vangar Patriarchate 1128 
 -  Holy Toralum Empire 1530 

Vangary is a cold reigon far up north inhabited by the Vangars. Unlike other realms of the Holy Toralum Empire, the Viceroy of Vangary is a theocratic lord, the Patriarch of Vangary. The patriarchate itself was established in 1128 after the death Saint Svetozar, who would be considered the first Patriarch of Vangary. However, other than the Patriarch other lords of Vangary consist of feudal nobles.


Before the arrival of Saint Svetozar in 1083, the people of Vangar have always been a tribal people worshipping pagan gods. Vangar raiders began terrorizing the northern borders of the Crown of Dorenburg in 1016. It was difficult supressing the raids and challenging the Vangars in their home territory was no easy task, as their homeland was a cold and unforgiving place.

To combat against these raiders, Dikalic missionaries were sent to Vangar to convert the people and put an end to the raids. A native Dikalic, Saint Svetozar, founded a chapel located in a small Vangar settlement in 1083, which would be renamed into Svetograd.


Vangary features a very cold climate, north of Durgandy. Even further up north past the White Wastes, which marks the border of the Holy Toralum Empire's northern border, can be considered uninhabitable. However, this is false because many Vangar raiders are known to have come from there.