County of Toralum
(and largest city)
Official language(s) Torlish
Ethnic groups  Torlish
Religion Dikalic
Demonym Torlishman
Government Feudal Monarchy
 -  Count Conroy IX
 -  Capital of Holy Toralum Empire 1358 

Lying in the middle of the three core realms, Toralum naturally became the center of the Holy Toralum Empire. Toralum has always been a prosperous region of Redaros and in 1358 following the ascension of Gottfried I, the capital of the Crown of Dorenburg was moved to Toralum.


Toralum was the bridge between Durgandy, Ralais, and Palany. It was connected to the Didamo and had access to trade from Kalidos, Palany, and Shamdia. Being located in this position, plenty of trade went through Toralum making in a prosperous region of Redaros.

Kaiser Gottfried I recognized the wealth of Toralum as a valuable asset to his realm. When Gottfried I ascended the throne of the Crown of Dorenburg in 1358, he moved the capital to Toralum in order to unalign himself with either of the three core realms. Since then Toralum has grown to be exceptionally wealthy and serve as the seat of the Kogenrad.


Toralum shares the same qualities as both Durgandy, Ralais, and Palany. On the northern side, it is mountainous and heavily wooded. On the western side it is flat plains. On the souther side, it is sunny and has access to a Didamo coast.