Kingdom of Ralais
Royaume de Ralais
(and largest city)
Official language(s) Torlish, Ralesian
Ethnic groups  Ralesian
Religion Dikalic
Demonym Ralesian
Government Feudal Monarchy
 -  King Conroy IX
Liege Holy Toralum Empire
Legislature Royal Parliament
 -  Kingdom of Ralais 814 
 -  Crown of Dorenburg 1267 

Ralais is the home realm of the Ralesians and along with Durgandy, considered one of two founding realms of the Holy Toralum Empire. It is one of the core realms of the Empire, the others being Durgandy and Palany. The realm itself has its origin in the Kingdom of Ralais, the predecessor of the current realm of Ralais.


Pre-Hexarchal Ralais was populated by tribal warbands. They were conquered by the Hexarchy in 124 and quickly converted to Dikalicism.

When the Hexarchy fell in 642 and withdrew from Ralais, the Ralesian tribes were left to fend for themselves. Beddic pirates from the west, Vangar raiders from the north, Ralesian tribes swiftly built multiple feudal states. The Kingdom of Ralais was found in 814 after Roland I finally put all of Ralais under his control.

The Kingdom's independence did not last forever. When King Roland V died with no male sons, the crown passed onto his brother Arnoul II instead of his daughter Mathilde. The Bride's Claim was initiated when Mathilde married Kaiser Konrad I with Konrad becoming victorious in the end, securing the throne of Ralais for his descendents.

Following the founding of the Crown of Dorenburg in 1267, Ralais was united with Durgandy through the marriage of Kaiser Konrad I and Princess Mathilde of Ralais. Then in 1400 when Denward the Blessed was crowned Holy Toralum Emperor, the Kingdom was now no longer an independent state but an administrative realm of the Empire.


Ralais is mostly plains and has coasts on three of its sides.