Palano League
Lega Palaniana
(and largest city)
Official language(s) Torlish, Palano
Ethnic groups  Palano
Religion Dikalic
Demonym Palano
Government Confederal Republic
 -  Prince Ecozaro
Liege Holy Toralum Empire
Legislature Barigento Convention
 -  Holy Toralum Empire 1468 

Palany is the home of the Palanos and one of three core realms of the Holy Toralum Empire, the other two being Durgandy and Ralais. The Palanos of Palany never united as one unitary cultural but the republics of Palany are no strangers to alliances and confederacies of joint interests.


The Palano peninsula bisects the Didamo into two halves and were thus destined to be sea-faring traders. The Palano tribes were quickly conquered by the Hexarchy in 87 and were converted to Dikalicism.

When the Hexarchy withdrew from Palany and collapsed in 642, the infrastructure invested into Palany by the Hexarchy was already strong enough for the cities to sustain as independent city-states. From then on the city-states grew into large republics. There were multiple leagues and alliances in Palany but these contracts had more economic goals than conquest and defense.

The Palano peninsula was invaded by the many sons of Kaiser Roland II in 1351. These sons were in search for land and glory because they were far from the succession line. Feudal states were established along the coasts of Palany, some short-lived and some lasting into the present. It was during this time that the soon to be Kaiser Gottfried I made good relations with the Doges of Palany which helped Gottfried succeed his father and brothers as Kaiser in1358. This good relation Gottfried I had with the Doges was the first step in vassalizing the republics.

Gottfried I's son continued his legacy keeping good relations with the Doges. Denward the Blessed became friends with many of the Palano Doges who, like his father before him, helped him in succession to the Dorenburg crown. Denward's coronation as Holy Toralum Emperor in 1400 brought him many prestige and seeds that Gottfried I sewed and Denward groomed eventually led to Palany being incorporated as an imperial realm in 1468.


The Palano peninsula has a mediterranean climate and is a strip of peninsula surrounded by water, the Didamo sea.