Despotate of Kalidos
Despoto tis Kaladini
(and largest city)
Official language(s) Torlish, Kaladine
Ethnic groups  Kaladine
Religion Dikalic
Demonym Kaladine
Government Unitary Monarchy
 -  Despot Zoltas LXXVVIII
 -  Heir Apparent Prince Phokas
Liege Holy Toralum Empire
 -  Zoltasid Empire 647 
 -  Holy Toralum Empire 1400 

Kalidos is the home of the Kaladines and is the most prosperous realm of the Holy Toralum Empire. It has the most advanced infrastructure due to being the power base of the Hexarchy . When the Hexarchy fell in 642, Emperor Zoltas I was able to put down the unrest and chaos in 647 following the withdrawal of the Tengri invaders, creating the Zoltasid Empire. Kalidos would be incorporated into the Holy Toralum Empire in 1400 when it annexed Kalidos after repelling an Ashatyan invasion.


Takhal the Great ordered Saint Pashar to conquer Redaros in 12 XA. By 9 XA when Takhal died, Saint Pashar was only able to seize Kalidos. Saint Pashar found the Hexarchy in 0 after putting down unrest in Kalidos. From then on Kalidos became the main power base of the Hexarchy and its infrastructure was heavily invested in.

When the Hexarchy fell in 642, Emperor Zoltas I was left with an army to pacify Kalidos and drive out the Tengri invaders. He successfully completed this task in 647 and found the Zoltasid Empire. The Zoltasid Empire was the most advance state in Redaros.

Ashatyans would invade Redaros again, crippling Kaladine might. Kaiser Denward I marched an army to Kalidos to relieve his father-in-law Dyrakios III from besieging Ashatyans and drove out the Ashatyans. Kalidos was annexed into the Holy Toralum Empire following Denward I's coronation.? Kalidos stayed as the most advance realm in the Empire and the Zoltasid Emperor stayed in control of Kalidos as a viceroy on paper, but his generals began doubting his authority and they soon challenged it.


Kalidos has mediterranean climate and has a mountainous terrain.