The Imperial Ministry serves as the Emperor's small body of advisors as well as being in charge of fulfilling the Emperor's duties in running the state. Ministers are directly appointed by the Emperor and can be resigned by him. Ministry members also have a position in the Kogenrad as a member of the House of Lords.


A Minister is appointed directed by the Emperor and can be resigned from office at any time without appeal. The Emperor generally appoints people most competent in their field as well as friends and relatives. It is not uncommon for lowborn commnors to be appointed by the Emperor to serve as a minister as there are no laws dictating what qualifies for office. Feudal vassals are commonly not appointed as ministers because they generally have their own lands to govern. Because Ministers have membership in the House of Lords, the Emperor also appoints people who are most loyal to him.

Ministry MembersEdit

Prime Chancellor of Imperial DelegationEdit

The Prime Chancellor deals with diplomatic functions. He organizes heralds and ambassadors for the Emperor as well as sending messages to the Emperor's vassals.

Grand Marshal of the Emperor's ArmiesEdit

The Grand Marshal organizes and attends to the Emperor's standing retinue, with duties such as training and drilling household knights. In times of war, the Grand Marshal organizes campaigns for the Emperor as well as raise armies for him.

Lord High Steward of the Imperial TreasuryEdit

The Lord High Steward oversees the Emperor's coffers, making sure that he is not overspending. One of the Lord High Steward's duties is to find money and take loans from banks as well as paying back loans. The Lord High Steward is also responsible for improving the economy.

Lord High Attourney of the Emperor's JusticeEdit

The Lord High Attourney serves as a judge when the Emperor is absent as well as deciding the punishment of a criminal. The Lord High Attourney attends to the Emperor in court hearings as well as review laws when required.

Court Chaplain of His Imperial MajestyEdit

The Court Chaplain serves as the personal religious servicer to the Emperor and his family.

Court Scholar and Imperial ArchmageEdit

The Court Scholar's role is to advise the Emperor in many fields such as explaining him concepts simply or making the Emperor understand thhe world more. The Court Scholar is extremely useful as he can turn the Emperor from an ignorant bigot to a wise ruler. Also known as the Imperial Archmage, the Court Scholar is also an avid practitioner of magic.