The House of Clerics serve as the spiritual branch of the Kogenrad. The House of Clerics was created in 1400 when Hexarch Dyrakios III crowned Denward I Holy Toralum Emperor to oppose the House of Lords. To keep Hexarchal power within Imperial Realm, a body of bishops were given position within the Kogenrad, who were usually controlled by the Hexarch, the man who invested them..


When the House of Clerics was established, Dyrakios III assigned specific titles to be tied to the membership. Only bishops made up the House of Clerics, who are all invested by the Hexarch himself. The size of House of Cleric members is dwarved by the House of Lords, but the Clerics are directly appointed by the Hexarch. Because bishops serve a lifetime term, the Hexarch is unable to resign them from duty to reappoint another bishop. The Hexarch however may excommunicate Clerics he does not favor to resign them, but an excessive use of this is deemed tyrannical. Few bishop members are invested secularly, namley Bishop positions appointed by a secular ruler, giving the secular lord power.

Current RosterEdit

Spiritual Investment

  • Archbishop of Karodecia
  • Archbishop of Rorgenburg
  • Prince-Bishop of Delnac
  • Prince-Bishop of Axen
  • Prince-Bishop of Darekomedia
  • Prince-Bishop of Bombino
  • Bishop of Narbona
  • Bishop of Perigento
  • Bishop of Tarmon
  • Bishop of Atalos
  • Bishop of Terma
  • Bishop of Tripolis

Secular Investment

  • Henroy, Bishop of Toralum
  • Bishop of Toubois
  • Bishop of Dorenburg
  • Patriarch of Vangar