"Hanna Timespathi"
Sex Female
Dynasty Timespathi
Father Exalious Timespathi
Mother Julia Timespathi, née Stratos
Religion Dikalic


Hanna is tall, towering at a height of 170cm at her young age - and she is still growing, albeit slowly. She possesses dark blue-black hair, which comes down below her shoulderblades, which she wears in a ponytail. Her face is slightly long, with a pointy chin. Her cheeks are slightly rounded, while her lips are thin. and her nose is fairly straight, curving a little sharply at the bridge. Her eyes are sharp and narrow near the middle, while her eyebrows are not overly thick or thin.

Her body is toned, muscles slightly but firmly visible although not overly so, while she is not particularly curvy- her bust is slightly small for example, and far from being skinny, but she is a bit big-boned giving the opposite appearance instead. Her fingers are longer, although her hands are rugged and thick-skinned.


Hanna Timespathi was born the second and youngest child of Exalious Timespathi, a Kaladine count and general who served in the Harlan mountains. She suffered the loss of both her parents in childhood, her mother having passed away from an illness, while her father was executed for insubordination when she was 10.

She has since grown up in the care of Luxeos Timespathi, her brother and the new count of Iaponia. At the age of 14, she was sent to the Green Tower to receive education as a squire.

Personality and SkillsEdit

Hanna is proud and pragmatic individual, who cares greatly for her people back home, although she has a natural sympathetic nature to the common people, stemming from her strong sense of noblesse oblige. She regards personal responsibility highly, although she is slightly bitter to the aspects of authority, in part due to her father's death. She is straightfoward, hardworking and honest, although she possesses a strong sense of tact, which has proven significantly useful for social situations.

She is a highly martial character, being a dedicated swordsman as well as having been trained in various forms of martial arts. However, she is also accomplished academically due to her strong work ethic, and is currently enrolled in all three colleges. She also enjoys poetry and other forms of literature as her pasttime.


Hanna Timespathi is the second and youngest daughter of Exalious Timespathi, Count of Iaponia and his wife, Julia Timespathi. She has a lone sibling, her elder brother Luxeos Timespathi, the successor to the family, who is separated from her by a seven years' difference.

She has currently formally proposed to Prince Conroy, as part of the public courting events held by the emperor for him.