Durgan Kasierreich
Durgische Kaiserreich
(and largest city)
Official language(s) Torlish, Durgan
Ethnic groups  Durgan
Religion Dikalic
Demonym Durgan
Government Elective Monarchy
 -  Kaiser Conroy IX
Liege Holy Toralum Empire
Legislature Confederate Diet
 -  Durgan Confederacy 765 
 -  Crown of Dorenburg 1267 

Durgandy is the home realm of the Durgans and is considered a founding realm of the Holy Toralum Empire along with Ralais. Originally an elective monarchy, the title Kaiser of Durgandy became unofficially hereditary upon the union between the Kingdom of Ralais and the Durgan Confederacy. Durgandy makes up one of the three core realms of the Empire.


Before the Hexarchy conquered Durgandy in 252, the Durgan people were a collection of tribes lead by warchiefs. The Durgans slowly converted to Dikalicism and when the Hexarchy fell in 642, Durgandy was predominantly Dikalic.

With the withdrawal of the Hexarchy, powerful Durgan Warlods built fiefs and established feudal states. This collection of Durgan lords rarely if ever cooperated with each other, even when foreigners invaded. The Durgan lords finally united into the Durgan Confederacy in 765. The Durgan Confederacy was an elective monarchy, its Kaiser being elected among the ranks of the Durgan lords. Typically, a strong but temperate Durgan lord was elected, strong enough to lead the Durgans but restrained enough to not abuse his powers.

The Durgan Confederacy was united with the Kingdom of Ralais in 1267 under the Crown of Dorenburg by Kaiser Konrad I. Durgandy was eventually turned into an imperial realm and the election of a new Kaiser became entirely ceremonial. Durgandy became an administrative realm following the coronoation of Denward I as Holy Toralum Emperor.


Durgandy is covered with hills and forests, creating many pockets of valleys on the surface.