Realm of Beddica
Official language(s) Torlish, Beddic
Ethnic groups  Bedd
Religion Dikalic
Demonym Bedd
Government Feudal Monarchy
Liege Holy Toralum Empire
 -  First Ralesian Landing 1311 
 -  Holy Toralum Empire 1637 

Beddica consists of a group of islands northwest of Ralais. For a long time before 1637, it was considered to be part of the Holy Toralum Empire due to practically nonexisting foreign policies.


Even after the spread of Dikalicism into the islands, Beddica stayed relatively the same as it was before. The Beddic clans have always been organized as dyansties, chieftains were commonly the oldest male member of the clan. This changed with the arrival of Ralesian knights in search for land in 1311. The Ralesian influence on the Bedds shifted the people from a clan-based society into a more feudal society, with titles being passed down to oldest sons rather than the oldest member of the family.

Beddic pirates have always been a threat to the coastal settlements throughout Redaros, and even the spread of Dikalicism did not change this habit. It has been known that Beddic pirates have sailed as far as Ashatya.

The Bedds' family orientated life-style still remained at an extent. Bedds were very open to foreigners across the empire, if they are able to prove some sort of family connection in some way. Even the Emperors were even able to trace their lineage to all the major lords of Beddica in some way. It was until 1637 when Beddic lords finally agreed to swear fealty to the Emperor.


Beddica is a collection of islands off the northwest coast of Ralais.